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Ortes, ekonomický servis, s.r.o.

Accounting Service
Provision of double-entry bookkeeping and single-entry system
Accounting methodology
Accounting data output in German, English and Italian language
Accounting control and the reverse processing

Tax consultations and planning, optimisation of tax liability
Representation before the tax administrator
Tax return
Income tax of individuals and legal entities
Value added tax
Road tax
Inheritance/estate, gift tax and real estate transfer tax
Real estate tax

Payroll administration
Accounting office work programs introduction consultation
Methodology and tools of internal management

Welcome to the Web site of the ORTES, Ltd., Hradec Králové, company for economic service. The company was incorporated in June 1992 and it has been mainly dealing in the accounting and tax guidance service, accounting methodology, payroll questions, social security and health insurance of small and medium companies. For the large companies we are able to provide the professional consultation service related to the internal management of the company, accounting and tax issues, we offer and support introduction and maintenance of information technology. For our partners we also ensure supplies of computer technology, its installation, and administration.

At the present we are in the process of providing our service to about 50 medium and small companies and to about 20 large companies. Our reference customers are the companies Vododvody a Kanalizace a.s. (Water Supplies and drainage Service, a.s. - joint stock company), Hradec Králové, and DSA a.s.

We are supporting Ski club Hradec Králové.

Complementary service
PC hardware and software administration
PC hardware supplies
PC networks installation and administration
MS Windows from 9X to 10
MS Windows Server and MSSQL Server
Contractual service at the customer site within 24/48/72 hours
Internet, electronic mail and construction of web sites

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